vicVikki is a licensed physical therapist assistant and ACSM-certified personal trainer with her bachelor’s degree from OSU in Community Health Education.

In her mid 40’s,  Vikki is shining example of health and fitness for women over 40 and a terrific encourager of those looking to make similar changes.

As a physical therapist assistant she is exceptionally skilled at modifying workouts for a variety of health issues.  If you’re worried about exercise hurting, you are in GREAT hands with Vikki!


Education / Certifications / Licensure:
The Ohio State University
• BS in Community Health Education
Zane State College
• Associates Degree Physical Therapist Assistant
American College of Sports Medicine
• Certified Personal Trainer
FMS (Functional Movement Screen Certified)
Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant (OH)

Vikki’s story:
I was fortunate enough to have been born with a foot that turned in and therefore my life was changed because the physicians recommended my parents enroll me in ballet. Dance instilled an appreciation for movement and sport. Growing up, I was in the local ballet company and I also enjoyed lifting weights and lifted with the football team in their off season. So, I enjoy fitness at both ends of the spectrum and many in between!

My fitness career began at Ohio State as a Buck-I-Robics Instructor and cheerleader in 1987. I have been an aerobics instructor and or personal trainer since that time. I have worked at the Continental Athletic Club (back in the day :D), The New Albany Country Club and now at Ultimate U as a fitness professional. My goal is to help people move better longer to maintain a happy, healthy active lifestyle throughout their lives. I went back to school and became a physical therapist assistant to broaden my skills and opportunities. I now work at Mount Carmel Sports Medicine and Rehab in addition to being part of the Ultimate U personal training team.

I train from a position of respect and care for my client and their current physical condition. We move forward together in order to achieve improved strength, mobility, function and body composition.


Ultimate Options (large groups):

Happy Hour
• Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm
• Saturdays at 7:30 am

U Groove (“Zumba” style dance fitness)
• Thursdays at 7:15 pm

Small Groups (3 to 6 people – check with Vikki before joining)
• By request

• Limited availability for new clients
• Email for a free consultation prior to beginning your training