karyn_sm50-plus, fit and fabulous, Karyn Housset, has enjoyed an expansive life experience having lived around the world. Fueled by her life-long love of fitness, her passion for leading others on the healthy path is evident in every client interaction.

“As a 50+ year-old trainer, I know that people of any age can improve their strength, endurance, body composition and, perhaps most important of all, their health and well-being.  I work with a lot of folks in my age group who initially feel like it’s ‘too late’ to impve their physical condition.  One of my greatest joys is helping these clients reclaim their health and fitness so they feel good again.”


Education / Certifications / Licensure:
University of Cincinnati
• BS in Physical Education and Health
• K-12 Physical Education/Health
• Elementary Ed 1-8
American Council on Exercise
• Certified Personal Trainer
• Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant

Karyn’s story:
From a young age I was involved in sports and spent hours training from the ages of 12-22 diving in both AAU teams and for the University of Cincinnati. I knew I wanted to help people become more healthy, so where better to start than with kids? I became a teacher and traveled the world with my husband and family. After 20 years I decided to make the switch from teaching children to training adults.

Since 2000 I have specialized in training middle age to older adults. Over this time I have found that creating good relationships with clients is of particular importance. For our clients must have trust not only in our ability to help them reach their goals, but also our intentions. I try to find the best way to motivate each person I work with and know them in all areas of their life, as health and wellness doesn’t end with their workout. Creating different and new workouts for each day also keeps clients engaged, while the ability to modify exercises for those with physical limitations keeps our clients safe and on the path to achieving their goals.

I love seeing clients improve the quality of their lives! But when I am not training, I enjoy travel, reading, music and spending time with my three grand kids!


Ultimate Options (large groups):

Fun Bunch
• Mondays at 9:00 am
• Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 am
• Fridays at 9:30 am

Small Groups (3 to 6 people – check with Karyn before joining)
• By request

• Limited availability for new clients
• Email troy@ultimateu.org for a free consultation prior to beginning your training