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Why Women Love The Ultimate U Challenge UU Pink Girl’s Empowerment Camp
ONN highlights Ultimate U’s free Zero to 5K training program designed to prepare community members to participate in the Komen Race for the Cure. The success of Ultimate U’s holistic lifestyle change process. The Ultimate U Challenge, is feature on Andrea Cambern’s Female Focus segment. Ultimate U Challenge participants share why they love the process and feel it has dramatically improved their health and lives.
Reporter Andrea Cambern features UU Pink Ultimate U’s new empowerment summer camp for girls ages 9-13, on 10tV’s Female Focus.

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Zoe’s Non-Diet
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With Ultimate U’s help, the Stambaughs lost 300 pounds. Their story is featured as a model for overcoming obesity in this video produced by Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Ultimate U guided local football moms along with 44 mothers of NFL football players participating in Eddie George’s 2009 EGX NFL Football Moms Challenge. Ultimate U President, Zoe Guirlinger, shares her non-diet approach which makes weight loss easy, convenient and fun. Say goodbye to guilt, shame and failure and hello to lasting success. Ultimate U President, Zoe Guirlinger, introduces her non-diet approach to creating lasting chagnes in health and weight.