30Founded in 2006, Ultimate U Total Health is a collection of caring and passionate health and fitness professionals all sharing a common goal: To deliver their clients happiness through good health. Yes, happiness; isn’t that what it’s all about? Not to imply that you can’t get a hardcore, muscle shredding, fat scorching workout from one of our personal trainers, because those who want it – will get it. You see, we (as humans) are not programmed to go to the gym and lift weights; this is an unnatural act. Watching what you eat is an unnatural act. Humans have existed for thousands upon thousands of years, while the term “health club” has only entered our lexicon during the past half century.

Ultimate U’s mission is (in essence) to help the “unnatural” become natural. Humans naturally pursue happiness, and when our bodies are not properly cared for it causes us a lot of stress and consequently diminishes our happiness.

The implementation of the healthy lifestyles that will allow such results is seldom an easy task. In order to aid in this process Ultimate U employs a phenomenal staff of outstanding professionals, each contributing to the full spectrum of skills required to maximize the quality of our clients time spent at the gym. There is no reason fitness has to be drudgery, so FUN is a MAJOR PART of Ultimate U’s programming. Owners Zoe and Troy have made their careers by making exercise and positive lifestyle change an enjoyable process; quite simply because – if it isn’t, they wouldn’t do it.

Ultimate U offers an alternative to the common health club. Our fitness area is not intimidating and is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable and personable certified personal trainers in the industry (as well as a super-nice collection of members and clients). Our massage therapist, dietitian, medical referral network (including in-house Chiropractic Physician, Acupuncturist and Physical Therapy Assistant as well as a collection of outstanding local medical professionals), Wellness Coach, Dietitian and desk staff are all “top notch”. Being a small club our customer service must be (and is) unparalleled. Clients will always receive a smile upon entering out lobby and will always know they are in a place where THEY MATTER.

The UU Challenge is the most comprehensive lifestyle changing “weight loss” program anywhere. The Challenge client success rate is light years ahead of its contemporaries. Though initially labeled as “weight loss” (most clients come with that as their primary goal) program; the Challenge has garnered award after award for its ability to transform client’s lifestyles to the point where they are “renewed” and able to take positive control of those things which led them to us in the first place. The Challenge has proven life changing to over 1000 participants since 2003 and is available for individuals, small groups and even entire corporations who are looking to improve their employees’ productivity while decreasing health care related expenses.

The entire Ultimate U team understands the importance of healthy living. There are no fads or gimmicks here. Clients come here to get the direction and assistance they WANT and NEED to optimize their health and ultimately, their happiness.