Thank you for completing the health screen and doing your part to keep your UU Family safe!


  1. 6’ APART: Come on in, but please be smart—stay 6-feet apart at all times during your visit.
  2. CHECK IN: No need to scan your finger, we’ll check you in.
  3. SANITIZE: Before moving into the facility, please sanitize your hands using the sanitizer provided at the front desk.
  4. CREDIT CARD ON FILE: Due to COVID-19 mandates, we’re not able to accept cash or handle physical credit cards at the time.  If you’re here for a service that requires payment, we’ll ask you to provide a credit card to be kept on file for your account.
  5. LOCKER ROOM: Locker rooms are closed during Phase I of our re-opening plan, so, for now, please use the family restroom if needed.
  6. ENJOY: Enjoy your workout or service! We’re thrilled you’re here!
  7. WASH YOUR HANDS: Before heading out of the facility, please wash your hands (2x “Happy Birthday) in the family restroom or at the lobby sink.

THANK YOU for your loyalty, support and patronage during these difficult times.  We appreciate you very much!