If you take vitamins or other nutritional supplements, or if you are even considering doing so, then this is the event that you will absolutely want to attend.

Led by Ultimate U’s resident supplement expert Troy McGowan NSCA-CPT (w/ over 20 years in the fitness / supplement industry) and Registered Dietitian Lisa Lang; this is 1.5 hours of solid, scientifically backed, myth clarifying information that will allow you to greatly enhance the way your body performs.

Discover which supplements are best for:
 Sleep
 Stress reduction
 Increasing energy and stamina
 Increasing vitality
 Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
 Reducing post workout soreness
 Lead muscle development
 Appetite control
 Accelerating FAT LOSS

As an attendee you will learn:
 If, when and why you would benefit from taking nutritional supplements
 How to identify a quality product
 How to avoid buying the wrong supplement
 The basic function of most common vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids
 A basics of a great pre and post workout drink
o And why you may need one
 How to make a great tasting protein shake!
 And more!