A personal trainer for your brain

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback consists of relaxing, “brain training” sessions that improve your mental fitness, flexibility and resilience.

Through our partnership with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback specialist, Larry Schollenberger, we ‘re excited to now offer this cutting edge technology.


NeurOptimal Builds Mental Fitness

Healthy brains are able to shift gears or “states” to meet the changing mental demands of different tasks. We can think of “mental fitness” as having two basic components.

Folks who are mentally “fit” can adapt quickly to new situations, and respond to life’s demands in healthy, productive ways. As a result, they enjoy greater wellbeing, and feel less drained and stressed at the end of a difficult day.

NeurOptimal® trains the brain to get better at these two skills. With practice, mental fitness improves, as does the quality of one’s personal and professional life.

Is NeurOptimal® for Me?

Because NeurOptimal® trains the brain, it can help folks get to the next level of optimal functioning regardless of their starting point. This explains why this single modality is the secret weapon of high-achieving Olympic and professional athletes, AND a life-changing intervention for those experiencing issues that interfere with their quality of life.

Are you a high-achiever who’d like to:

Are you struggling with issues like these?

Good news–NeurOptimal® might help. It’s been shown to improve cognitive, emotional and physical challenges like these. Trainees have experienced successful outcomes across a surprisingly broad spectrum of conditions. 

Benefits of NeurOptimal®

Studies have shown NeurOptimal® training can:

Clients say they feel clearer, calmer, lighter, and/or brighter for a few hours after a session – a feeling that typically lasts through the week, and in time becomes their “new normal.”


How It Works

NeurOptimal® utilizes the same, safe EEG technology that’s commonly used to diagnose sleep disorders. EEG technology has been around for decades, however NeurOptimal® harnesses its capabilities in cutting-edge ways.

The NeurOptimal® experience is simple, passive, non-invasive and relaxing: You listen to music, or watch a video (your choice), while the EEG leads monitor your brainwaves. When brain activity shows signs of inflexibility, you’ll hear a scratchy, static sound in the headphones. This subtle cue alerts your brain that it’s operating inefficiently. This cues your brain to get to work on fixing the issue.  With repeated training sessions, the brain learns to “reset” itself and function more smoothly.  Amazingly, you don’t have to make any conscious effort to change–this work is done by your brain automatically, and unconsciously.


See for Yourself – Schedule a FREE Consultation

“So, I just listen to some music or watch a video–I don’t have to do anything?”  We know, it sounds to good to be true, and yet, dozens of studies and client success stories bear out these claims.  Don’t take our word for it–try NeurOptimal® and see for yourself.


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