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James Legins


Prior to joining Ultimate U, James most recently served as the head track and field coach at a Cuyahoga Falls high school. He holds a Master of Science in sports science and coaching from University of Akron and a bachelor’s from Winston Salem State University.

After running track in high school and college he continued his passion for athletics for nearly a decade as a track and field coach.

During his first seven years of coaching one of his tasks was to supervise the weight room. During that time, James discovered his love of creating top level training programs for athletes.

And now he does just that! Over the past 4 years, James has worked with a wide variety of personal training clients from those wanting to look and feel better to those wanting to improve their athletic performance.

A few fun facts: James was born in Hawaii; graduated from Westerville North High School; he has four sisters; loves to play soccer; and enjoys training, coaching and hanging out with his ten year-old son.