> COVID Policies Update – June 2, 2021

Goodbye Masks, Hello Smiling Faces!

As you’ve likely heard, Governor DeWine rescinded most of the health orders requiring face masks and social distancing for those who are vaccinated. As such, starting June 2, 2021, we’ll no longer require masks to be worn in our facility.

What Happens Next?

  • Next time you’re in, we’ll ask you to complete a short form to review these updates. (Or, you can do that now here.)
  • If you utilize our massage or personal training services, the survey will also ask you if you’d like your provider(s) to wear a mask during your session.
  • Please feel free to continue wearing a mask if that is your preference. We support your choice to do what’s right for you.

We Respect Your Privacy and Choice

Please keep in mind that the CDC strongly recommends that those who are not fully vaccinated still wear a face mask indoors. Those who choose to forego vaccination and/or wear a mask do so at their own risk. Out of respect for the privacy and personal decisions of our clients and team, we won’t ask for proof of vaccine status.


Will you still provide sanitizer spray bottles?

You bet!

Will you still be doing temperature checks?

Nope. While we continue to ask that you stay home if you aren’t feeling well, we’ll no longer perform a temperature check.

Will I still have to complete the health screen?

Nope. Next time you’re in, we’ll just ask you to complete the ‘one-and-done’ COVID policy update form. (Or, you can do that now here.)

Do I still need to make a reservation to work out?

For now, yes. To best ensure your safety, we’re making changes one step at a time. We’ll re-evaluate the need for reservations soon and get back to you.

Will you continue to sanitize twice a day?

Yes. We’ll continue this practice for now allowing time for more folks to get vaccinated.

Will you still be closed from 1 – 2 pm weekdays?

Nope. We’ll resume our full pre-COVID hours starting June 1.  We’ll discreetly sanitize between 1:30 – 2 pm weekdays, and work around you if you’re in the gym.

It’s our goal to make this a smooth and safe transition for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a shout at 614.855.9489 or info@ultimateu.org.