An Approach That Works

Are you frustrated and feel like you just can’t lose weight?
Do you feel like the harder you try the further you get from your goal?
Are you tired of obsessing about food?
Ever feel like you sabotage yourself?
Do you wonder why you never seem to run out of pounds to lose before you run out of motivation?

“I Know What to Do—So Why Don’t I Do It?”

Weight loss is very complex and the barriers are far more numerous than the vast majority of Americans, including most health & fitness professionals, realize. While good information about what to eat and how to exercise safely and effectively is definitely important, it only comprises a very small piece of what enables a person to attain a healthy body and weight. Nearly everyone knows that fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats, like olive oil, promote good health; and that fast food, junk food, fatty foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeine do not. Who hasn’t heard that we should move 30 minutes or more a day? Despite the abundance of solid nutrition and exercise information, our nation’s obesity epidemic rages on.

Diet Cycle

Most UU Challenge participants share a history of on-again-off-again, up-and-down dieting spanning ten, twenty or more years. In fact when it comes to diets – a lack of long-term results is the norm. Studies show that some 95% of those who try the diet/deprivation approach end up right back where they started, plus a few pounds, within 6 to 12 months of going off the diet.

Pieces Are Missing—We Know What They Are

Imagine that a healthy lifestyle is a destination. Most weight loss programs and experts offer eating and exercise “prescriptions” which provide the equivalent of a “street address” for this destination. What Americans need to know now is how to get there. Ultimate U’s transformational wellness process, The Ultimate U Challenge, does exactly that. It exposes why diets don’t work and provides the missing pieces Americans need to navigate, step-by-step, from where they are now to where they want to be. Our unique approach goes far beyond the basics of nutrition and exercise to help participants overcome all the obstacles in the way of success.

The ‘Unseen Barriers’ to Success

Diet & exercise advice are important, but lack of knowledge in these areas is no longer the primary cause of our nation’s weight struggles. Lasting changes in health and weight can only be achieved by overcoming the real barriers to success. These barriers tend to impact us out of our awareness in the realm of “what we don’t know we don’t know.” Acquiring knowledge and awareness of the following ‘unseen’ barriers is the missing piece to lasting change.

• Motivational barriers
• Belief system barriers
• Biological barriers
• Social barriers
• Environmental barriers
• Emotional barriers
• Interpersonal communication barriers
• Time management barriers
• Energy management barriers
• Stress management barrier

The Ultimate U Challenge Lights the Way

No matter how long they have struggled, when people are empowered with the knowledge needed to overcome these barriers, magic occurs! Ultimate U’s comprehensive, eye-opening lifestyle change process offers participants the opportunity of a lifetime to say goodbye to guilt, shame and failure and hello to the tools, strategies and steps to long-term weight loss success.

UU Challenge Modules

UltimateU Challenge participants are empowered to make incremental healthy lifestyle changes through a series of four highly engaging, eight-week modules:

What You’ll Learn in Module 1

Food IconIt’s Not Your Fault! – It’s not our fault that the sky is blue, and it’s not our fault that our biological systems prevent us from losing weight when we “diet.” You’ll say goodbye to guilt, shame and failure as you learn a holistic approach to overcoming all the barriers to success.


Food IconFight Back! – The diet, fitness & food industries have contributed to America’s weight struggles. You’ll discover how to use their secret techniques to work for you instead of against you.


Food IconPeace with Food – You’ll learn how to get off the diet rollercoaster and discover the secret to creating lasting changes in health and weight.


Food IconMake it Easy – Powerful biological systems operate under a set of unbreakable “rules.” Learn how to work with these biological rules and easily accomplish what had once felt impossible.


Food Icon

No Foods off Limits! – You’ll learn how to lose weight easily while enjoying life and any foods you want. No foods are ever off limits.


Food Icon

Liberation from Food Addiction – You’ll learn the underlying causes of food addiction and emotional reliance on food. You’ll acquire powerful tools for improving mood while reducing stress and your waistline.


Food Icon

From Pain to Pleasure – New knowledge will transform your feelings about healthy eating & exercise from punishment to reward.


Food Icon

Fuel Good – You’ll learn to make small adjustments in the way you fuel and move your body to experience enhanced energy, mood and well-being right away.


Have Fun Again! – You’ll adopt new ways of thinking which will empower you to enjoy life even while you’re losing weight.

Maximize Motivation – You’ll receive ongoing information and support to keep you motivated and successful. In Module 2 you’ll learn the three steps to harness motivation and stay excited and inspired all the way to your goals.

And much, much more…