Doug and Rosie Lingel

“Our family doctor feels like he is the “Maytag Repairman” with us since we hardly see him anymore, but we told him we would rather pay our trainer (Jake) than him!”

Amit P.

Ultimate U's family atmosphere is fantastic, you aren't just a random face like at a chain gym.

Jen V.

Vikki's knowledge is tremendous!  She keeps me motivated to come to (her Happy Hour sessions) and since I have increased energy, strength and balance!

Donna H

“Karyn has changed my life in so many ways. I not only feel great physically, but emotionally as well. She cares very much about her clients, and celebrates the victories we achieve. Her encouragement, praise, humor, motivation, and the fact that she keeps every session fresh, challenging, and fun, keeps me coming back. Karyn is the real thing.”

Mollie P.

“Krista has given me back my sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and just overall enthusiasm for life! She showed me how to want to do this for me - not for anyone else, and not because I have to, but because I want to.”

Stephanie Wofford, M.D.

“I would (and have) refer a friend or loved one to Christian without hesitation!“

Deb R.

Melissa is awesome! She makes me smile every time I walk in the door!

Sue F.

I got in the best shape of my life working out with Troy!

Connie Davis

“Jake presents things in an uncomplicated way, he’s down-to-earth and relaxed, easy to talk with, nonjudgemental, encouraging and fun."

Rosamary Amiet

“My endurance and strength have both increased; my balance is better, also my arms, legs, and abs are more toned! I now have more self confidence just about going to the gym...that’s huge.”

Ray M.

The Ultimate U is a unique gem in a world of corporate mega gyms. Troy, Zoe and their team have created a one of a kind gym and training experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Cheryl B.

I love everything about Ultimate U--from those working the front desk to the atmosphere when entering the gym to each of the trainers. Ultimate U is a "family" - a family that cares about each of its members.

Rose M

“My trainer, Christian has taught me, a 56 y/o couch potato, how to move my body and find out how strong I am – who knew it could be fun, too?“

Michelle A.

It has been so rewarding to feel rejuvenated again.  I have been working out almost everyday for 5 years though was losing my zest.  Fred has given that back to me ten fold.

Kim M.

(Christian) tailors, modifies, pays close attention, cares, pushes, motivates, and keeps workouts fun and interesting. Who wouldn't benefit from all that?

Larry Lewellen

“I thought I was going to have to live with a permanently weak knee (I have a missing ACL ), but now (thanks to Jake) that concern seems to be fading away!”

Bhawana S.

“For me the benefit is not just the results I see in physically but also emotionally, I feel the stress just drop off after I finish working out with Krista.”

Kim H.

Vikki ROCKS, she is always positive, encouraging, and really cares about us!  She challenges us (her Happy Hour group) and always keeps things interesting by changing up our workouts.  I'm in better shape at 48 than I was 10 years ago!

Jamie B.

I have never been happier with a gym experience. Great gym, awesome staff.

L. Williams

“Karyn understands the aches and pains of someone that is over 50 and looking to make some positive impacts on strength, balance, and tone. With her I have gained all of those things!“

Kathy W.

I had chronic back pain that greatly limited my abilities. Now (thanks to training with Vikki) most of my days are pain free!  I trust her.  I depend on her.  Most of all, my body needs her!

Jenny R.

It's common to hear (Christian) yell out some little adjustment to one of us while spotting whoever is doing the heavy stuff. He keeps all of us working our hardest and has no trouble calling us on it if we happen to slack lol. That is an alert, on task mind at its best!

Sebastian P.

Troy has a great gym tucked away in New Albany. His clients come first, and he knows just the right fit for you in picking a trainer to meet your athletic level and need. My experience with his trainer Chris has been just that. Best work outs I've had in years.

Liv L.

Best place to go workout. Friendly atmosphere and fantastic trainers.

John Kessler

“Christian is a REAL PROFESSIONAL who takes you out of your comfort zone in a firm yet compassionate manner. His workouts are fresh, challenging and motivating (making it easier to go to the gym).”

Deb Rycus

“When I see my progress, she really seems as excited about it (or more) than I am.  Krista makes me feel strong--inside and out!”