you sweat, we give.
together we make a difference!

fyi-you don't need to donate a penny!

Practice a little ‘you care’ by signing up for PROJECT YOU CARE! Just set a goal to work out at least 6 times during December and we’ll make a donation to your choice of one of three local non-profits: Mid-Ohio Food Bank, The Brian Muha Foundation or A Kid Again.

Double the Donating

If you meet your workout goal, our generous Giving Partners will DOUBLE our original donation to the non-profit you chose! Again, you don’t have to donate a penny, although you're welcome to make a donation if you'd like.

The more people that participate, the larger the donation. We need a minimum of 250 participants to reach our $12,000 giving goal. So, take care of you AND join with us to make a difference this holiday season!