To keep you safe, we're wearing masks. We understand that you might find it challenging to exercise while wearing a mask, so we leave it to you to decide what’s right for you.

If you decide to skip the mask, we ask that, whenever possible, you increase your social distancing to 8 feet when in the gym.


We’re using the highest-quality EPA- approved products on the market. We’re cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces and gym equipment throughout the day.

Plus, Monday through Friday, we’re closing shop from 1 – 2 pm for a deep sanitization of all surfaces and equipment in the gym. We’re doing that deep sanitization again at the end of each day.

Hepa Filters

Yep, we’ve installed these awesome germ-trappers, too. While you’re working out, our filters are busy cleaning the air and removing all kinds of stuff you don’t want or need in your system.

Plus, weather permitting, we’ll raise the garage doors to keep fresh air circulating.

6 Feet Distance


We’ve taken a number of steps to facilitate proper social distancing including adding space between equipment, relocating some of the cardio machines to other areas of the facility, adding floor decals and signage to remind everyone to maintain 6-feet of social distance.


To ensure safe spacing between you and other UU peeps, we’re limiting the number of people that can be in the gym at one time.

We have a new workout reservation system that makes it quick and easy to reserve your space.


Yay Members! You now have your very own dedicated training space! Equipped with our complete line of resistance-training machines, squat rack, functional trainer/cable station, adjustable bench, dumbbell sets up to 120 pounds, a full array of cardio equipment with TVs, mats, balls, sliders, tubes, bands and a private cardio suite. Sweet!

Learn how to reserve time for your workout here.


Guess what? Troy’s office is now a private cardio suite. Equipped with a large-screen TV and two ellipticals, you’ll find this space perfect for you and another member of your household to safely sweat together.


You’ll complete a short web-based health screen and temperature check prior to entering the U.

Ok, we know it’s a pain, and we’re sure sorry about that, but this is a state mandate. Good news is that the form is just 5 questions and only takes about 10 seconds to complete.

Take a peek at the form here:


You’ll receive an email reminder for your workout, massage or training session two hours prior to your scheduled time. This email will include a link to the form. Please complete the form before you come in.

If you forget to do it before you arrive, you can access the “COVID-19 Forms” on our website ( or give us a call at 614.855.9489 and we’ll text you the link. The first time you return to the U, you’ll also need to complete a one-time COVID-19 Informed Consent webform, which you’ll also find on the website.


To ensure safe spacing, state rules limit the number of people that can be in the locker rooms at one time. If you don’t absolutely need to use the locker rooms, please come dressed for your workout and leave your belongings at home or in the trunk of your car. If you absolutely need to shower or use the changing room, we have a locker room reservation system that makes it easy to book your time.


Due to the extensive state-mandated requirements regarding childcare, this service will not be available during the first phase of re-opening.

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to welcoming your kiddos back to the U soon!


State mandates forbid drinking water directly from the fountain. Please bring a water bottle, and use the fountain strictly to fill your water bottle.

SAFETY TIP: When filling your bottle, press the fountain bar with your knee or elbow or while holding a paper towel.


This time is set aside for seniors and other COVID-19-vulnerable populations.

Learn how to reserve your workout time here.


Mon-Thurs 6am - 8:30pm*
Fri 6am - 7:30pm*
Sat 7:30am - 3pm
Sun 9am - 1:30 pm

*Closed 1-2 pm Mon - Fri

1 - 2 PM

Monday - Friday, we’ll close from 1 – 2 pm for a deep sanitization of all surfaces and equipment in the gym. We’ll also do a deep sanitization at the end of each day.


  • Members - reserve your workout time using the ClubReady website or phone app. It’s quick and easy to do. Here’s how.
  • Bring your own water bottle and towel (state mandates limit our ability to provide these during the initial phase of re-opening).
  • Complete the online COVID-19 Informed Consent ONE TIME prior to your first visit.
  • Complete the online Pre-Visit Health Screen before entering the facility and don’t give the front desk folks too hard of a time when they take your temperature. :-)
  • Whenever possible, please come dressed ready to work out and leave your belongings at home or in the trunk of your car (not inside your car).
  • Sanitize your hands when you check in (sanitizer provided at the front desk).
  • Sanitize equipment before you use it with the sanitizer spray and paper towels provided in the gym. This is the most reliable way to ensure YOU are safe!
  • Maintain proper 6 - 8 feet of social distance. This may mean waiting to 1) enter the facility, 2) exit through the main hallway or 3) start an exercise until others have cleared that area.
  • Wash your hands (2X “Happy Birthday” song) before leaving the facility.
  • Keep being awesome.