Hi, I'm Vince.

For as long as I can remember, I've had an interest in the human body—and how to help it perform. It's why I worked for years as a foot and ankle surgeon, restoring mobility to my patients.

Once epilepsy sidelined me from performing surgery, my mission to help others heal drew me to massage therapy. Now I put my love of science to work to help clients feel their best. Whether you need relief from chronic pain or improved athletic performance, I'm here to help keep you moving.

For acute pain

Acute pain usually appears suddenly and can last for weeks or months. Now, for the good news: it may go away, once we treat its underlying cause. Pain can stem from injuries, like whiplash, or sports strains and muscle spasms. Once your doctor clears you of anything serious, you and I can work together to help resolve your pain so you can get to being you.

For chronic pain

Months and years of ongoing pain can take a toll on your emotional health. For clients with chronic pain—often of the spine, neck and back—my goal is to offer some relief and the peace-of-mind they deserve. That means we'll work together towards your goal, whether that's staying independent at home, getting you back into top athletic shape. I help treat chronic pain resulting from chronic wear-and-tear, tendonitis, herniated discs, falls, car accidents and more.

For athletes

If you're an athlete who's still in pain following a full course of physical therapy, I may be able to help. How? By working hands-on to help repair partial tears to muscles, tendons and ligaments. By addressing scar tissue and offering treatments that may help prevent future injuries. I know from experience what its like to lose training and play time. It's what inspires me to help athletes like you along with your medical team. You're a competitor, and I'm here to help, you make a comeback.

Let's talk about blood-flow.

Increasing blood-flow to soft tissues—like muscles, tendons or ligaments—can help reduce the pain you feel when you've got a "knot" restricting your movement. How? By bringing along oxygen and essential nutrients that can help with healing and repair. With manual massage, or myofascial release, therapists use their hands to increase blood-flow by breaking up knots, called adhesions, that can form when muscle fibers stick together. Cupping and Graston® Therapy use special tools that can also help increase blood-flow.

Increasing blood-flow to soft tissues

Let's talk. Contact the U front desk at 614.855-9489 for a consultation or appointment. See you there!